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Learner's Journal - 28.03.19

“Celebrations - she remembered in her own words, with a stab of longing -

should be only for those who have something to celebrate.”

What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

Make arrangements for the next week. (Are you going to be in SG or no? What will you do in either case?)

Things I learnt today

  • Assess the situation rationally before accepting that it’s your mistake. It could be yours, it could be someone else’s. Don’t accept blame for no reason.

  • Beach volleyball! From zero to expert-o serves

  • It’s important to take breaks. Your output is not going to be mopre simply because you are working more hours

Things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Read more - take more notes while reading. Find a spot in the house that’s good for reading without distractions.

Things I did well today

  • Prepared early for meeting with Dinie, more confident despite it being moved up

  • Stood my ground with Project PRO.

Things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Finish up all the work you have so you can enjoy Saturday.

  • Finish Atlas Shrugged - last 4%!!

What am I grateful for?

Sports and adventures in Bali!!!

Harsha P