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Learner's Journal - 26.03.19

What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

Finish 1 full GITNB video

Things I learnt today

  • First things first, second things - nor at all. Do whatever it is you HAVE to do NOW. Say no to all the potential distractions.

  • Have a systematic approach to making decisions - and make effective decisions.

  • Everything is a story. What makes humanity different form other sentient beings, is our ability to gather in large numbers and believe stories.

  • Having everything on the calendar planned out (done on Sunday) makes the rest of the week way easier - less things to think about.

Things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Let Bryan know before the meeting that I couldn’t make it - keep a closer look on calendar even when distracted

  • Eat less food

Things I did well today

  • Actually got work done even when on ‘holiday’!

  • Great podcast - Sam Harris x Yuval Harari - Reality and Imagination

Things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Get back to morning routine - find ideal spot to do it in new environment

  • Get 1 more video for GITNB

  • Making sure visa stuff is out for approval

What am I grateful for?

Nothing I’m not grateful for at the moment.

Harsha P