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Learner's Journal - 25.03.19

What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

No triggering emotions for Bryan

Things I learnt today

  • It’s good to have 2 channels of learning to accelerate the speed of gaining a skill. Practical (following Bryan to meetings, doing my own meetings) and book learning (reading and taking notes)

  • If they're being super accommodating, it's likely they're trying to sell something to you

  • In a sales meeting, don’t try to sell. Let them come to the conclusion of what they want (what do you want to achieve with this video? Can you achieve that with a pitch deck?).
    See how you can add value. If you can’t add value, don’t sell.

Things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Be warmer during the GET meeting, leave a better impression on her. #sunshinestrategy
    Also plan logistics of the meeting better for Bryan to understand. Ask more questions -
    Is there anything else I can help with?

  • Plan personal finances better - you know now that tracking is the first step to managing. Track everything you spend and get better at saving.

Things I did well today

  • I got a full night's sleep because I finally have things in life I'd rather not be awake for lmao

  • No triggering emotions for Bryan (on track for leading indicator)

  • Took care of my health stuff - all’s looking good! Didn’t snack on sugary things. Cooked and ate from home to save $$$

Things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Settling down in Bali and finding a great spot to work in the house.

  • Reading the first paragraph of The Effective Executive

  • Editing work - finish up as much as possible

What am I grateful for?

Marcus! So nice to have friends who stand the test of time. Especially an ex lover!

Harsha P