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Learner's Journal - 24.03.19

“Don’t try to be well rounded.

Lean into your strengths so hard, you make your weaknesses irrelevant.

You can’t have one without the other.

No perfect person has existed before you, and you won’t be the first.”


What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

Align my calendar to Bryan’s so there are no changes in the rest of the week.

Things I learnt today

  • The amount of work you get done - is far more important that the time you spent doing it. If you did it in 5 hours rather than 12, good on you! If you work hard 12 hours and get nothing done, there’s no point.

  • If you achieve an amazing outcome in 5 hours - it doesn not necessarily mean you can put in 10 hours and double the outcome. Maybe you’re so good in 5 hours only because you have all the other hours to yourself.

  • Being effective (to a large extent - managing time well) is a skill. Nobody is born with it, and everyone has to learn it.

Things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Sussed out the GET meeting better, it’s important to know how they make their money - it’s likely that they are trying to sell to you.

  • Let Bryan know how I spent my morning - reading and learning - so he knows what I’m upto

Things I did well today

  • Ran an effective meeting!

  • Called out for help from mom when I needed it.

  • Took rest when I needed it. Fuck the stress fever - show must go on! (but take a nap when you can)

Things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Getting all things I owe Bryan out of the way

  • Make at least 40 partnership calls (including follow ups)

  • Eating healthy and not snacking on unnecessary sugar and calories in between

What am I grateful for?

A family I a can count on to go back home to if my entire life falls apart.


  • Build a company where, if it was successful, you’d still want to work in it.

  • A company is a team, not a family.

  • Hire people who want to be proud of their work - then give them the freedom to do it however they want to.

  • Lean on your strengths. If this is not your expertise, if your skills are better used elsewhere, it’s time to let someone else do the job better.

  • You don't get time back - optimise your time

  • Track your time:
    - Tracking and measuring WILL improve your performance in that domain
    - You might notice you have a lot of time wasting activities
    - You won't want to put down "I wasted 3 hours"

  • Manage:
    - Eliminate time wasters
    - Prioritise

  • Large quantums of time are important to being effective

  • Ask yourself - what do you want to be effective at? What's the gap - how can you close that gap? Hold yourself accountable


  • To move forward in big steps, we must give ourselves huge tasks and power through them.

  • Working without a deadline is disheartening. Tasks seem like they can go on forever. Can I get into the weeds of making price graphs forever? I don't really know. Can I get through three weeks of it? Sure.

  • Clear big blocks of time with no distractions at all.

  • “I never consider slacking or about missing a day or anything like that. The benefit of the big end goal is too great.”

  • “So I don't just make arbitrary goals like writing a book in a day, where quality would have to be poor. And I always focus on the end goal, which is always a high quality result. Sloshing together a bunch of cruft isn't inspiring.”

  • The real magic happens once you do this once. You realize that you are capable of making a huge leap forward in a fixed slot of time.

Harsha P