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Learner's Journal - 22.03.19

What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

Make today a highly effective day.

Things I learnt today

  • It's ok to say no to clients, customers. Don’t bend over backwards

  • Don't assume - ask (avoid miscommunication)

Things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Plan conversations better - effective forward thinking. Before engaging in any conversation, have answers for all predictable outcomes. Know what your clear objective looks like.

  • Manage the other person's time. How can you plan something better, so the person working with you has a clear set of tasks to do.

Things I did well today

  • Much better at dealing with difficult situations now!! Was super positive all day.

  • Resisted the temptation of having a social life

  • Great level of comfort with sales calls as compared to a couple days ago.

Things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Sleeping

  • Finish video editing projects

  • Making sure my room is ready for YS to take over.

  • Packing for BALIIIII

What am I grateful for?

Friends who love me despite my busy life and having no time for them.

#Project TES

  • Ask the client difficult questions

  • “Tell your superiors what the video is for - it's a marketing message. They can say all they want - but it's up to you.”

  • How to reduce number of frames - how to make it as simple as possible?

  • Make sure filestage is organised. Ask the client - Can you remove your comment?

  • Instruct them how to give clear comments

  • Don't discount the client's opinion

  • Tell them when they have bad ideas - and why it’s a bad idea

#Project CAR

  • Make sure background music is in brief folder before starting animation

  • Make it as easy for the animator as possible - percentages/exact numbers to change size. More specific = better. 'Make xyz 50% smaller’
    find links to explain yourself

#Project PRO

  • Remind them to rush their superiors, if deadline is fixed and can't be moved

Harsha P