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Learner's Journal - 21.03.19

“Don’t be astonished, Miss Taggart,: said Dr. Akston, smiling, “and don’t make the mistake of thinking that these pupils of mine are some sort of superhuman creatures. They’re something much greater and more astounding than that, they’re normal men.

What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

Get better at sales and partnerships - get 3 coffee meetings.

Things I learnt today

  • How to let conversations die, if you don’t want them to continue - stop asking questions, stop leading.

  • If a freelancer doesn't reply in 48 hours, probably time to look for someone else

  • Don’t give excuses for your mistakes. Only explain them if you think they will change the other party’s mind. Just accept it, take note, don’t do it again, and move on.

  • When delivering bad news - tell Bryan (using your new SKILLS!!) instead of letting him find out.

  • The desire for this to work out is stronger than the hard things I’m facing now - and even if it doesn’t work out - it will be worth it because I’m learning.

  • How to make a good plan (this has been over the last 3 days). Measurable metrics to learn a new skill - takeaway for life!

Things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Get better faster. Start with the most important skill - communication.

  • Wake up earlier than usual and get my morning routine in - despite having an early meeting - helps set the tone for the rest of the day.

  • Try to lead thought patterns with logic instead of emotion.

  • A mind map to think of all possible outcomes before making a decision.

Things I did well today

  • 80% mental clarity despite uncertainty - up from 50% 2 days ago! Didn’t cry! (although was pretty close)

  • Got 2 coffee meetings, new agency contact from the Hive!

  • Told Bryan what triggered me more accurately than I used to 2 weeks ago - more self aware, and more effective in being better together.

Three things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Get started on my actual learning for skill gathering!

  • Aim - try not to trigger Bryan even ONCE

  • No crying. No coming close to crying. Don’t let external situations and triggers affect you so much. If hit with anxiety, bad news - you have no more than 5 minutes of mind space to allocate to it.

What am I grateful for?

Only person who reads this blog! You’re a pain in the ass but I think it makes me better at being a highly effective person.

Harsha P