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Learner's Journal - 19.03.19

What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

Optimise my skills gathering process and get started.

Things I learnt today

  • Podcasts are great, and a wonderful way of learning. I was bad at it before, because I didn’t have an objective while listening to it, and no visual reference - now the objective is to take notes. Voila! Works like magic.

    A few sub skills it helps me with - increasing attention span, active listening, taking notes.

  • When hit with anxiety because of bad news, calculating the worst case scenario, and planning for it helps calm me down. And empathy, compassion for a friend in these situations go a long way.

  • I want all my friends to inspire me. I would rather spend my day alone, than texting/meeting/thinking about people who don’t inspire me - even if they care about me and love me. Strange, selfish? I don’t know, I like it.

  • Too much movement sucks balls.

  • What a good animator’s replied look like - they should care about the project, not just agree to your notes and changes. If they put in thinking behind their projects, they care about their work. It’s awesome to work with people who care about their work.

Three things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Get all the information required from a client to generate a quote. If the client hasn’t given enough information, don’t estimate - call them to check. Stop feeling bad about making money.

  • Don’t let emotion cloud your judgement so much. Things are not as bad as they first seem, take your time to think about bad news before alarming people.

  • Cause less movement in all aspects. Think first - is there anything I can do to make this situation better before involving another party in it? Is it better to just leave the situation alone?

Things I did well today

  • I said no to a meeting I would like to have attended, to prioritise my learning.

  • Changed my calendar around and took some alone time to clear my thoughts when I needed to. I would have been useless and unproductive without it.

  • Was on time to everything! And finished all required tasks on time - win on organisation skill!

  • Left social gathering early to get more work done - win on prioritisation again!

Three things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Make some sales phone calls and get some meetings in, to increase my learning.

  • Make Bryan’s trust batt go up by doing an awesome job on communication, organisation, and skill gathering plan.

  • Try to hit organisational skill metric for the day - ongoing for the next 2 weeks!

What am I grateful for?

Friends that care about my growth as a human being.


Project CAR:

  • After every phone call, send over meeting notes and get client to agree in writing, so that you can reference to this if there is a disagreement in the future

  • Pay your animators bonuses if the’ve done a good job. They will do a good job in the future too.

  • A positive attitude always wins.

  • Be firm with the client. Don’t let them lead the conversation, don’t agree to things just because they insist.

  • Be very clear that their wins = your wins. You are both on the same side and getting over the hill together, you want them to be happy.

  • When they ask you how to do impossible things, ask them the same question back. They will either come up with a solution, or realise that it can’t be done.

  • In a negotiation, those who care less, win.

Project TES:

  • Have a plan B on hand, incase plan A goes to shit.

  • When things are going to shit with freelancers, ask what their problem is and how you can help solve it. Don’t be asshole client, you are on the same side.

  • Ask for deadlines when you assign tasks, hold the people you are working with accountable for their jobs.

  • Don’t let the client lead the storyboard - make sure things make total sense before approving them. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and make sure everything is easily understandable

#Skillgathering - learnings

Reading: How to reach the unreachable, get the ungettable, and dominate your inbox. By Ramit Sethi

  • You will ALWAYS get better at things if you do it a thousand times. Build and learn new habits to be better

  • You are not being arrogant if you quote credentials that you have earned.

  • Don’t ramble. Be direct and exact in . what you are looking for, make the subject of your email/call clear.

  • Be politely persistent in following up.

  • Show in subtle ways that you have done your homework. Anything is possible if executed correctly, don’t be intimidated by busy people. How can you add value to their life? “It’s intellectually lazy to simply vomit what’s on your mind into an email.”

  • Have a clear CALL TO ACTION. But have just one.

  • Writing emails is a skill you can work on and get better at. Do your research and homework, like in any meeting. This will stop you from asking dumb and basic questions.

  • Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you think. What matters are results.

  • Short and sweet. Ramit 1-2 punch - test it out, see if it works.

Harsha P