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Learner's Journal - 18.03.19

What is the most important thing I want to achieve today?

Get started on Sage (2.0), and re-prioritise life.

Three things I learnt today

  • I have a very high tolerance for things bothering me

  • Hold clients accountable by asking them - is this the final set of comments? When can you confirm this by, I will add it to our queue the moment you let me know!

  • When reporting work done - start with your wins, data and specific numbers are a bonus! If you missed out on some work, convey your plan for getting it done, and when it will be done. Bonus for thinking of how to make the task process better for the future - specific actions.

Three things I could do differently to make the day better

  • Be more prepared for meetings by asking a simple question - is there anything I can do better in this meeting to I achieve the goals mentioned in the better together agreement.

  • Think before you say/write. (Research my video quotes so I am able to give more accurate answers straight off the bat.) Buy yourself time if you don’t know the answer, instead of giving the wrong answer.

  • Tell Bryan that he will be leading the T100 meeting so he has time to prepare better.

Three things I did well today

  • Got a new notes app and organised my notes so I can communicate thoughts more clearly.

  • Conflict resolution and communication with Bryan.

  • Lots of learning in the areas of - sales, project management, and prioritisation.

Three things I want to concentrate on doing tomorrow

  • Get skills gathering plan sorted out

  • Plan week calendar according to prioritisation

  • Try to hit organisational skill metric for the day

What am I grateful for?

Mas being SUPER understanding about my work!

Harsha P